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In order to provide you with even better service in the future, we are continuously working on improving the skills and expertise of our doctors and the clinic in the discipline of maxilla-facial surgery.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. A dental implant functions the same way as the patients’ own root, since it directly fuses with the bone. Implants anchor dentures, e.g. bridges, crowns or removable dentures securely to the bone.

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Facial profile correction

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Facial profile corrections are usually considered to be quite complex forms of plastic surgery, when combining nose jobs and corrections of the facial profile and chin. In cases where the chin is too small or is receded, the surgeon can move the chin bone and position it optimally.

As an alternative, hydroxyapatite can be injected into the chin, and before hardening of the chin mass, it will be shaped into the right form. If a correction of the jaw bone is necessary, the surgeon can also adjust the "bite".

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is possible if only the chin will be modeled.

The bone will be fixated into the desired position, using mini plates and small titanium screws, and the mouth can be opened again immediately after the procedure. However, swelling can be expected, which can interfere with speaking and eating in the first couple of days after the surgery.


To avoid visible scars, the procedure is performed through a small incision in the oral cavity, while the chin and jawbone are separated moved into the desired position.

For a protruding chin, this surgery is not mandatory. Oftentimes it is sufficient to demolish and then remodel the alveolar bone. If foreign materials (i.e. silicone pads) have to be implanted for the enlargement of small chins, it will be necessary to replace them at a later time. For this reason, our surgical specialists clearly prefer surgical shifting of the chin over implanting silicone or other materials.